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Physics is the branch of science deals with nature and natural phenomena. Here nature understands for the physical world around us that is measureable either  directly or indirectly. Natural phenomena's are Gravitation, Electromagnetism, Nuclear radiation decay, binding of nucleus, nuclear fusion, nuclear fission and many more others. In modern age physics is said to be the study of the energy and matter in space and time co-ordinates. The term 'Physics' derived from the GREEK word ''Phusike'' that means knowledge of nature. More over it is the oldest academic subject.



Recent Researches in Physics

Gravitational waves: Einstein's gravitational waves 'seen' from black holes

In 1974, scientists found that the orbits of a pair of neutron stars in our galaxy, circling a common centre of mass, were getting smaller at a rate consistent with a loss of energy through gravitational waves.

That discovery earned the Nobel Physics Prize in 1993. Experts say the first direct detection of gravitational waves is likely to be bestowed the same honour.

After American physicist Joseph Weber built the first aluminium cylinder-based detectors in the 1960s, decades of effort followed using telescopes, satellites and laser beams.

Earth- and space-based telescopes have been trained on cosmic microwave background, a faint glow of light left over from the Big Bang, for evidence of it being curved and stretched by gravitational waves.

Using this method, American astrophysicists announced two years ago they had identified gravitational waves using a telescope called BICEP2, stationed at the South Pole. But they later had to admit they made an error.

Another technique involves detecting small changes in distances between objects. Gravitational waves passing through an object distort its shape, stretching and squeezing it in the direction the wave is travelling, leaving a telltale, though miniscule, effect.

Detectors such as LIGO at the centre of Thursday's news, and its sister detector Virgo in Italy, are designed to pick up such distortions in laser light beams. At LIGO, scientists split the light into two perpendicular beams that travel over several kilometres to be reflected by mirrors back to the point where they started.

Any difference in length upon their return would point to the influence of gravitational waves.

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Basic Ideas in Physics

Electric security Alarm

It works on the concept of logically analogical OR gate

As circuit shown above if we cut connection from any of A or B electric Bulb will not glow here we add another configuration with another wire having battery attached with it

Here clear from the circuit that through the closed circuit battery is short circuited here no current will flow from the bulb hence it will not glow

If any portion of the wire cut off in closed circuit here no short circuit will be there and bulb will glow and clarify use that there is circuit breakage is there in the closed circuit made above

By placing the Siren or security alarm on the place of electric bulb we can make a simple security alarm and just reverse the circuit as shown in blow fig

Due to current in the outer wire wall nobody will enter the house, if someone cut of the wire outer closed circuit will break and current will started flowing through the Electric Siren inside the house will alert
It is the simplest security alarm used in twice ways one as defending wall another as alert of fall or breakage of the wall (outer shown as green lines)

Precautions. 1.       Wall should be of strong and good conducting material also of crossing then of sufficient height
2.       It should carry enough current that just give shock only
3.       It should away from the approach of children (like on the brick wall)

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